Thursday, February 17, 2011

A trip, not a fall

After my post yesterday it all ended pretty badly. I got so intensely hungry that I got sick, to the point where my concerned partner made me toast and ovaltine when we got home. It picked me up until we got to the trivia at the Hellenic in Civic, where I promptly scoffed yet more carbs in the form of a bread roll with butter while waiting for my dinner. I was hoping that the 'Lemon, Oregano and Garlic Chicken' would turn out to be the healthiest option, but I ate way too much of it. There were two very good points though - I said no to alcohol (had 2 LLBs instead) and ate as few of the chips as I could bring myself to leave on the plate. Thankfully my partner then ate the rest so I couldn't keep going back for more  ;)

Our usually high ranking trivia team came in at a dismal 5th and we got home at 9.30, which led to my baking until 1am. Ridiculous I know, yet somehow the 6.5 hours sleep wasn't that bad, but we slept in a bit and had to race out to work without breakfast. Arrival at work led to immediate morning tea prep (aka not eating the breakfast I'd packed for myself) and I ended up with a latte, one of those mini-cheesecakes I'd made the night before and two choc biscuit stick things.

I'm telling you all this in the interest of full disclosure, but I refuse to let this set back bring me down. I'm fully packed to hit the gym this afternoon, and I may well have to go work out for even longer in an effort to work off the bad things I did to myself today. Not a punishment by any means, just an immediate consequence to my actions today. Honestly the disgusting feeling in my stomach has more to do with my caving so easily more than with the food not sitting well, but I can't fall in to a pit here and wallow in it. More than ever I need to get back on the treadmill (in place of the wagon) and just keep pushing myself to stick it out.

I am starting to wonder if I've set myself some unrealistic goals though, what with all the work and leisure commitments I have, but I'm going to wait it out and see what happens. We're going away to the coast this weekend, which I'm hoping will include a lot of swimming and thus more exercise, but it's for a friends birthday, so there'll also be heaps of alcohol that I'm going to have to refuse if I don't want to blow this whole process out of the water.

The group FS is tonight at 6pm, I was going to work out before but now I think I might stay after as well. I have no clue what this session is going to be like, but there's only one way to find out. Maybe they can offer up some tips on avoiding alcohol on fun filled group weekends on the coast?

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