Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Knack Knack Knackered

Another intense gym session - got my arse kicked by Michelle (Personal Trainer), did all three weekly challenges and ended up shaking like a leaf. Luckily I was allowed to get off work at 3.30 to make my 4pm PT session and got home at 5.45. After stretching I flopped on to the ground in the lounge with a handful of grapes and water. Which is where I'm currently writing from.

Somehow I have to find the energy to go shower, get ready and walk in to the city for dinner with two gal pals. If it hadn't been ages since I last saw them I'd be tempted to bail. Definitely feel like the hour today was a lot more intense than the hour yesterday. And I've discovered that concentrating on why I'm doing all of this is a good way to keep myself motivated. At the end of the day I really enjoyed the PT session, Michelle was tough but really encouraging, and any time my muscles take 5 mins to unclench I know I've had a good work out. She took my through two of the shorter challenges - step ups for 3 mins followed by checking of your pulse (I had a horrible heart rate of 154 at the end of it, 'very poor' for my age bracket) and as many crunches as possible in a minute (32 - above average for my age bracket, woot!). So some good and not so good news, but this is why I'm here after all.

The really hard part was doing the third challenge by myself. Three lots of 10 minute sessions on two different cardio machines with one minute breaks in between, and you couldn't do it on the bike. So I did the cross-trainer, the rower and the treadmill. And it killed me, but I tried really hard not to let myself slack off. Anyone who knows what it's like to have a personal trainer over your shoulder versus doing it alone will know how hard that is. Ultimately the point was to push yourself as hard as you could go and record the level you were at and the distance you did. Am I convinced I did that? Not completely, I was feeling sick/over tired after the PT and I let that get in the way. But ultimately I'm 90% happy with how I did.

Food is doing better too. I ate pretty good today, though I'll have to concentrate hard on not sliding back tonight while I'm out. No alcohol, no dessert and no pastry! Something that include salad is my other proviso. Anyway, the partner is back and over my shoulder reading this, so I better say hi and get in the shower. Ciao for now.

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  1. Always harder to do it without a trainer over your shoulder, at least until you get into the habit of doing it at which point will undoubtedly become that much easier to keep at it.