Friday, March 11, 2011

Tis a Pity She's a Whore...

My last two weeks have been a real mixed bag. Last week I lost 400g (71.8kg) and remained at 37% body fat. I hit the gym pretty hard, but then spent the weekend in Melbourne to see my partner's very talented sister perform in a play. It was called Tis a Pity She's a Whore, so I came out declaring all the men were self-centred, murderous bastards, with the moral being don't trust any of 'em, but her singing (she's a trained soprano as well as glorious actor), left me wet-eyed and all goose-pimply. Loved it!

The downside of the weekend was the eating. I was mostly good, but I can't resist going to have churros whilst in Melbourne, and my partner's aunt makes a wicked trifle. So the weekend started badly and kind of got worse - delayed by Tiger for over an hour meant in the Canberra terminal that has no viable food options, thus we arrived starving and unable to eat at a decent place, so McDonalds was the only option (blech!). Although I thought I did well the rest of the time mostly healthy eating and I even managed to restrict myself to just once glass of wine the entire trip. Frankly the weekend was much more relaxed that I'd hoped for, it was awesome to just chill out with good friends and family. I didn't get to see a few friends as a result, but at least we weren't exhausting ourselves trying to fit everyone and everything in.

It all read on the scales this week, and it was measuring time as well - gained 700g, lost 1% body fat, lost 8cm (mostly around my hips strangely) and gained 1cm around my abdomen. *sigh* It's been up and down and I'm back in the 72 range yet again. Sometimes it feels like I'll never break it and sustain it. That said I have been feeling weirdly bloated and yucky, which my food couch said could be water retention, and thus explain the weird results. Go figure. Oh and I've been sick for the last week with a horrible cold, but couldn't take the time off work because it's been so hectic. So that was fun.

Bright side, the last two days have been great, I'm giving myself today off and going to push myself again over the weekend. I've also made a bargain with myself - if I spend the entire week without eating one unhealthy thing, then I can buy myself a present (maybe a massage?). I'm totally on track for that... and even though a lady just came around today offering easter eggs for sale, I will stand firm!  ;o)

The healthy eating is definitely where I'm letting myself down, but it's so hard to be organised and make the food, hell even to get the washing done, with these constant weekends away. I feel like I'm wearing thin. Thank God this weekend is a long weekend, I plan to do absolutely nothing, except clean, grocery shop and go to the gym. And next weekend will be my last away for a very long while - I spend 5 days in Sydney over next weekend for work purposes, and then that's it. Hallelujah!

I discovered the points system yesterday and defined that there are 5 tasks I must complete every week (Group PT - 25pt; Group Food - 25pt; PT - 50pt; Slim - 50pt; Weekly Challenge - 100pt). The catch is the weekly challenge is usually a killer and you can only do three things a day to get points. Being so busy means the Couch to 5k will be impossible for me to do 3 times a week, so I've decided to do what I can, but not sweat the weekly adherence. I've also been eyeing the individual rankings at the gym - the top 5 highest points earners get their names up there. This week they range from 540 to 640 points, and the competitor in me kind of wants to see my name up there. I'm going to try that the week after the return from Sydney when I've got a full 7 days to work on it, but in th meantime I want to try to beat my best score every week. Sort of run my own little competition if you will. So far I've had 400pts in Week 1 as my highest, and I'm going to beat that this week!

They're also starting up the first bootcamp of the year, which I get 50% off of thanks to a motivational exercise for the Beach Bod Boost last year. So for obvious reasons I'm tempted and freaked out. I don't want to order load myself, particularly with work being so very busy, but it could be just what I need to get focussed. That said it's not the exercise that's letting me down so much, more the food. But it'd be so cheap as well... Do you see the problem? I need to wait for the info night to see what it's all about.

I'm also having a team identity crisis. I love the Green Team trainers, but I missed it this week thanks to the cold, so did a later Yellow session instead, and I loved it. It's a much smaller team, so the girls all knew each other, were very friendly and we had a blast. It was one of those situations where we encouraged and pushed each other to new heights, which is what it should be about after all. I'll have to think on this further, but I'm kind of embarrassed to have to ask to swap again, I don't want to be one of those 'difficult people'.

Overall some ups, some downs, and a lot of decisions to be made, but my state of mind still needs to be worked on - concentrate on the positives, celebrate my achievements and remember to give myself a break. My new mantra  ;)