Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It Begins...

So here's the skinny (hah!) - I've gained 20kgs in the last 4 years after becoming a desk jockey living in a very cold Canberra. I've always been a lover of junk food so the ultra-fast metabolism I used to have was great... until I hit my mid-20s and suddenly my body refused to take my abuse anymore. I'm very good at denial so it took me a long time to face it, but when clothes went from loose, to tight, to just impossible, I got a wake up call. (A few holiday snaps from various angles also helped me see what I didn't want to.)

Last September I started an 8 week program at the gym and it did wonders, I lost 6kgs and 4.5% body fat in the 4.5 months (from 78.4kg, 41% body fat). BUT... since Christmas I've lost all motivation yet again. I'm listless, lifeless and just cannot take joy in any of this lose, mostly I think because I'm not earning it anymore. As well as losing weight, I want to get back the strength, flexibility and general good health I used to enjoy, and it feels like I've done a major backslide in the last two months. My solution to this funk? Join the Fernwood Foxy Challenge and hope to get it all back again.

At the start of the 8 week program in September 2010, I did a lot of reading on goal setting and the likes. One of the ten commandments I came across was to always keep a journal. That worked for a while, but not consistently, and this is where this blog comes in. Fingers crossed it works even better this time!

Now, I'm not claiming to be overweight by any means. I'm taller than average and I've always liked having a curvy body, but right now I'm just not happy with myself and I'm trying to make positive changes to address that. Having grown up poor, in meat and three vege country, nutritional information wasn't exactly a topic of conversation and exercise was a four letter word, so I'm learning as I go. My main goal here is to enjoy my life. So yes while I plan to eat healthier in general, food is all about enjoyment for me and I don't plan on living like a rabbit for the next 12 weeks. What I want more than anything is balance, so I'm not looking at this as a diet, but as a lifestyle change. One which will allow me to incorporate the food and drinks that I love, but at a much more moderate level, always mindful of the impact on my health.

The Foxy Challenge started on the 14/02/11. Unfortunately I missed the information nights due to work and travel, so I suspect I'll be discovering new rules as I go, but basically it includes a 1-on-1personal training session (PT), 1-on-1food session (FS), group PT and a group FS every week. You have to keep a food diary and every time you exercise or get to the gym you have to report what you did to the reception desk. Certain items are worth different points (not clear on this system yet though), and you have to report in on the day you do something or else it's not counted. I have no idea what the deal is with putting us in to colour-coded teams, but I'm in the Yellow team and wearing your colour to your sessions also results in points. I've always been a team player and loved competition, so fingers crossed that this Foxy Challenge speaks to that part of me.

So far I have done a group PT and a 1-on-1 FS. As too many people were doing Monday group PT they started a new group, so I put my hand up to do Wednesday night now instead (I am so not a morning person), and that's happening this week as well. I've got my 1-on-1 PT tonight, as well as a netball game for the social team I co-captain.

As well as my health goals for the year, I'm also working on getting my drivers licence, writing every day, reviewing regularly for a spec fiction website I'm a staffer of, taking part in the novel writing group and working on anthology submissions with my writing buddy. I started adding more here about my partner, friends and family, but I started feeling discouraged, which is so not the point of this. I've got firm goals for this year and I plan on working hard to get it all. Wish me luck!

My goals for Week 1:
  1. Go to every single session I'm signed up to
  2. Get to the gym 3 times a week (not including PT sessions)
  3. Fill in the food diary EVERY DAY
  4. Do the first week of Couch to 5k (3 sessions)
  5. Lose 500g and 0.4% body fat
My overall goals (thus far - my PT may change this a bit):
  1. Lose 6kgs and 5% body fat
  2. Eating regularly and as prescribed
  3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night
  4. Start and FINISH the Couch to 5k program (9 weeks)
  5. Smash all of my excuses

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  1. Good on ya mate. Setting goals is the first step towards meeting them. And don't be too hard on yourself - I've always thought you looked fab and I'm sure Mr Unco feels that way.

    And I am sure your writing buddy needs similar support/butt kicking to keep going.