Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Once more into the breach

After a weekend of weight gain debauchery tempered with lots of swimming, running and a bit of table tennis on the coast with friends (hey, it was all in the cause of helping a friend celebrate her birthday!), it wasn't too surprising when Tanya (Slim Coach extraordinaire) told me this morning that I'd gained 100g. I could have fallen in a funk, and for a few hours I did, but I picked myself right back up and hit the gym hard tonight. One and half hours of pain, and I'm so dopey from fatigue right now I can barely type, but geez did I feel better afterward. The vague sick feeling I'd had all day vanished, my energy levels shot up and I came home happy and talktative to a pleasantly surprised partner. A wonderful partner who'd prepared us a fab and fit dinner of kangaroo and salad. Nom! Then he caught me in my good mood and forced me to do chores, but oh well.

To be honest all the activities on the weekend left me feeling like I'd poisoned myself, so I'm all set for a full on health hit. Amazing that it no longer cops the abuse I've been known to deal it with as good grace as it used to, but much better for me in the long run. After all, if crap food makes me feel crap then so much the better.

Some of you (if anyone reads this blog besides my loyal writing bud) might wonder why I'm only writing now. Honestly I was all set to get myself in gear on Monday when the gym text me to say it was closed for the night. Apparently the offices above had decided to do some lacquering, and not only did they think it wouldn't effect the gym, but they also didn't see any reason to wear masks while doing it. Sometimes I think Darwinism acts too slowly  ;o)  Instead of lazying about though, I did a lot of the non-weight related goals - writing, prepping, etc. It was great.

Right now, yes I am 72.2kgs and my weight continues to yoyo around in the 72 range, but I'm finally feeling prepared to tackle it and make it do as I want it to (basically to go down God dammit!). I think I've passed the stage of just being fatigued by exercise, and now getting to the part where it leaves me feeling happy and more energetic than I started. Don't get me wrong, there's still a slide in to fatigue later, but it's not as steep or sudden. Now it's time for ovaltine, a hot hot bath and bed. Peace out.

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